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Here at PsychFamMatters we aim to to provide a psychological service for all who require support in a collaborative, inclusive and culturally sensitive manner.

“Things may not go back to normal but you will move forward into the new norm.”
Dr Niollie Brown

About me

Dr Niollie Brown is a dual trained clinician. She has a doctorate in Clinical Psychology and a Masters Degree in Systemic and Family Psychotherapy.

She has been working as a qualified clinical psychologist in the NHS for over 10 years. She is passionate about providing a safe and confidential therapeutic space for the people she works with, valuing difference and diversity to enable people to work towards their goals.

Dr Brown provides psychological, systemic and family interventions that specifically aim to improve psychological wellbeing and family matters.

Having initially only provided individual therapy to many of her clients, she recognised that the changes they made sometimes had a significant impact on their couple, family and working relationships; therefore, decided she wanted to be better equipped to attend to issues that affect individuals, their families and other relationships to bring about helpful and sustained change.

Dr Brown

Dr Brown


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